Who can become the CSR Professional of the Year 2018?

The CSR Professional of the Year 2018 plays a strategic and indispensable role within his company or organisation as someone who motivates, inspires or implements CSR. This person's job title can range from CSR manager to CEO, HR Manager, marketer, project leader, event manager, etc.

In this fourth edition, two professionals will be awarded:
- The Dutch-speaking CSR Professional of the Year 2018
- The French-speaking CSR Professional of the Year 2018

Furthermore we're also looking for the CSR Pioneer of the Year 2018: a starter in the field of CSR who has realized a strong, inspirational project or best practice during the past year. This title will also go to one Dutch-speaking and one French-speaking candidate.

Important dates to keep in mind

  • Start of nominations 8 November 2018
  • Final day of admission 4 January 2019
    The round of nominations closes.
  • Submit dossier 4 January 2019 at the latest
    All nominees are asked to submit a dossier.
  • Top 10 7 January 2019
    The core committee of the jury decides on a top 10 for each category.
  • First voting round 8 - 11 January 2019
    On the basis of their dossiers, the jury narrows it down to two top 5's (5 Dutch-speaking and 5 French-speaking professionals).
  • Presentation in front of the jury 17 January 2019
    The top 5 of each category presents its dossier in front of the jury. The jury reduces each top 5 to a top 3. The jury's vote counts for 60% of the total points. The jury also determines who qualifies for the title of CSR Pioneer of the Year 2018.
  • Second voting round 18 January - 20 February 2019
    This voting round runs through Trends/Tendances magazine. Votes are good for 20% of total votes.
  • CSR Professional event night 21 February 2019
    All attendees will vote (20% of total votes). The winners will be announced at the CSR Professional of the Year event.
  • Announcement of the

What is Time4Society?

Time4Society provides a link between the profit sector on the one hand and the social profit and non-profit sector on the other hand. It’s Time4Society’s mission to facilitate corporate engagement. This is realized through socially valuable projects, CSR-advice, CSR-coaching, and by sharing innovation and expertise in the field of CSR.