Who will be the CSR Professionals of the Year 2017?

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On Thursday 22 February 2018, Time4Society will host the third CSR Professional of the Year event. Reserve your seats for the event night!

Important dates to keep in mind

  • Start of nominations 16 October
  • Final day of admission 15 December
    The round of nominations closes.
  • Submit dossier 23 December - 5 January
    All nominees are asked to submit a dossier.
  • Top 10 11 January
    If necessary the core committee jury decides on a top 10 for each category.
  • First voting round 12 - 19 January
    On the basis of their dossiers, the jury narrows it down to two top 5's.
  • Presentation in front of the jury 23 January
    The top 5 of each category presents its dossier in front of the jury. The jury reduces the top 5 to a top 3. The jury's vote counts for 60% of the total points.
  • Second voting round 24 January - 21 February
    This voting round runs through Trends magazine. Votes are good for 20% of total votes.
  • CSR Professional event night 22 February
    All attendees will vote (20% of total votes). The winners will be announced at the CSR Professional of the Year event.
  • Announcement of the

And the CSR Professionals of the Year 2016 were ...

In the category large enterprise:

Ann Vandenhende, CSR Manager Spadel!

During the second CSR Professional of the Year event, which took place on 9 February, two winners were awarded. The suspense remained until the very end, with a live voting round by all attendees. In the category 'large enterprise', Ann Vandenhende, CSR Manager Spadel was the winner.

"This award is a recognition for the entire Spadel team. My CEO, Marc Du Bois, deserves praise and a ‘thank you’ as well. In the field of CSR he’s at least as passionate as I am. Without his enthusiasm, I wouldn’t have been able to do the work I’m doing today. And I’ll keep on doing my job with loads of enthusiasm!" - Ann Vandenhende

Ann Vandenhende

Ann Vandenhende, CSR Manager Spadel

In the category SME:

Joost Callens, CEO Durabrik!

CSR can be just as tangible for SME's as for large enterprises. In the category 'SME', the three final candidates put up quite a fight. The third voting round proved to be the deciding factor. At the end of the evening, the jury announced this category's winner: Joost Callens, CEO Durabrik.

"I’m blown away a bit. I want to dedicate this award to my team and I want to thank them for their hard work. In the words of Toon Hermans: ‘There have to be people that ignite suns, before the world rains away’. I’m happy that I can make a contribution." - Joost Callens

Joost Callens

Joost Callens, CEO Durabrik