The CSR Professional of the Year 2018 was able to count on a committed jury, with members who all play leading CSR roles in their respective sectors.

Fons Leroy

Chairman of the jury:
Fons Leroy, CEO VDAB

Tim Baart

Tim Baart,
director Time4Society & partner at Laga

Nathalie Bekx

Nathalie Bekx, CEO Time4Society & Trendhuis

Luc Bontemps

Luc Bontemps, managing director Febiac

Bart Buysse

Bart Buysse, CEO Fevia

Benny Debruyne

Benny Debruyne, editor at Trends/Tendances

Eric de Deckere

Eric de Deckere, CSR Professional 2017 (large enterprise) & CSR manager Port of Antwerp

Monica De Jonghe

Monica De Jonghe, director-general VBO

Robert de Mûelenaere

Robert de Mûelenaere, CEO Construction Confederation

Peter Demuynck

Peter Demuynck, managing director Agoria Flanders

Marleen Limbourg

Marleen Limbourg, administrator Time4Society & adviser MLAdvisie

Dominique Michel

Dominique Michel, CEO Comeos

Herwig Muyldermans

Herwig Muyldermans, general manager Federgon

Gert Van Eeckhout

Gert Van Eeckhout, CSR policy officer, Department of Work and Social Economy

Karel Van Eetvelt

Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO Febelfin

Philip Van Kelst

Philip Van Kelst, CSR Professional 2017 (SME) & founder and CEO Kasteelhoeve Wange

Jury criteria

When judging the dossiers of the nominated CSR Professionals of the Year 2018, the jury finds it important that the candidate not only has a strong dossier, but also demonstrates great commitment, creativity and persuasiveness to:
1) include all stakeholders in the organisation's CSR-strategy,
2) creatively implement CSR in the organisation,
3) realise the desired CSR goals within the 6 P's (People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership, Peace and Pleasure),
4) and also to measure those CSR goals.

More info is available in the jury regulations.