The second voting round has come to an end. The third and final voting round will take place during the event.

The awards will be handed out during the event on thursday 22 February 2018 in Brussels. Reserve your places here!

Finalists of large enterprises

Eric de Deckere, Senior Technical Manager Sustainable Transition, Port of Antwerp
“We’ve integrated VOKA’s CSR charter two times, afterwards CSR was integrated in our business plan. This resulted in the implementation of CSR across all departments, focusing on sustainable mobility, healthy food, CSR criteria in frameworks and ethical investments. We act as a facilitator in the harbor platform for the transition towards a more sustainable harbor. The Sustainable Development Goals are an important guideline and are integrated in the form of the 5 P’s in our Vision 2030. The newly formed Sustainable Transition department will make this more concrete and will help to shape the structure of the CSR policy in the coming years.”

Jacques Spelkens, Head of CSR Benelux, ENGIE Benelux
“At ENGIE Benelux, CSR is a department in itself. We find it important to measure our KPI’s. Therefore, we’re measuring and following up 17 extra-financial CSR-related KPI’s on a yearly basis. Since 2017, we have elaborated a full-fledged welfare policy. But the environment is also important! We’re making work of energy transition (towards renewable energies), decreasing greenhouse gases, encouraging alternative mobility, promoting electrical solar panels and alternative forms or energy, and protecting and supporting biodiversity.”

Philippe Weiler, Head of Sustainability, Lidl
“In 2016 we elaborated a completely new and ambitious CSR strategy. It’s based on five pillars: product range, employees, environment, society and business partners. We’ve developed a CSR vision which we translated into 50 concrete SMART goals, this in consultation with some 50 external stakeholders. For each of the five pillars, one member of the board, one department head and one employee is responsible for the implementation. For each of the 50 goals, an expert takes the lead. The impact on the field will be visible: increasing sales in fair trade products, stronger investments in renewable energy and increasing motivation among employees. Moreover, our CSR approach inspires other Lidl countries.”

Finalists of small and medium-sized enterprises

Emilie Delacroix, Head of CSR & Innovation, Befimmo
“Befimmo is specialized in office buildings, meeting centers and coworking spaces. We offer the residents modern office spaces and services in buildings that are sustainable in terms of architecture, location and respect for the environment. In 2017 we have revised our strategy. Based on the UN SDG’s and together with our stakeholders we have selected six priorities: mobility, integration in town, labor market, use of resources, dialogue and setting an example.”

Philip Van Kelst, founder & CEO, Kasteelhoeve Wange
“Kasteelhoeve Wange, a 300 year old farm, has been a seminar center and guesthouse since 2011. We have listened to the soul and origin of this place. From the start sustainability was our mission. Connection and simplicity our guide. We focus on ecological heat, energy and water production, recycling, own food production and partnerships with (nature) organizations, local residents, staff and suppliers. CO2 neutrality and circularity are our objectives. In just seven years the Kasteelhoeve has become a global beacon when it comes to sustainable business practices in the tourist sector.”

Ingrid Verduyn, Co-founder & CEO, WaW
“WaW is short for We and Work scrl. The ‘We’ stands for a cooperation between employees, our clients, candidates and by extension our society. The ‘Work’ hints at our activities. WaW is an employment adviser with a clear mission: to give more people the opportunity of finding work that utilises their talents. We invest a third of our profit in social employment projects. Our activities pivot around people, actually. CSR is in the DNA of our company. In fact, it is the main reason we exist!”