Who became CSR Professional of the Year 2019?

In this fifth edition, two professionals were awarded:
- Caroline Pauwels, rector Vrije Universiteit Brussel is the Dutch-speaking CSR Professional of the Year 2019
- Nicolas Declercq, founder Brasserie Leopold 7 is the French-speaking CSR Professional of the Year 2019.

These wonderful candidates came close and deserve an honorable mention:
- Robin Bruninx, founder and general manager Encon
- Greet Vanderheyden, Sustainable Development Manager Alpro
- Corine Athas, CSR Advisor Infrabel
- José Castillo, co-founder & CTO Univercells

CSR Pioneers of the Year 2019

For each language group we also looked for CSR Pioneers of the Year 2019: starters in the field of CSR who have realized a strong, inspirational project or best practice during the past year.
These titles were awarded to:
- Jonas Mallisse (Too Good To Go) in the category corporate (Dutch-speaking)
- Farah Laporte (Refu interim) in the category non-profit (Dutch-speaking)
- Augustin Nourissier (SkyFarms) in the category corporate (French-speaking)
- Caroline de Cartier (Teach for Belgium) in the category non-profit (French-speaking)
- Vincent Bulteau (commune de Beauvechain) in the category local government (French-speaking)

Important dates to keep in mind

  • Start of nominations 10 October 2019
  • End of nominations 20 December 2019
    All nominees submit their dossier.
  • Selection by core committee 3 January 2020
    The core committee of the jury makes a first selection of candidates.
  • Selection by jury 4 - 10 January 2020
    On the basis of the dossiers, the jury decides which candidates are invited to the jury defence.
  • Pre-selection results 12 January 2020
    The candidates are notified of the results of the pre-selection.
  • Presentation in front of the jury 16 January 2020
    The top 5 of each category presents its dossier in front of the jury. The jury reduces each top 5 to a top 3. The jury's vote counts for 60% of the total points. The jury also determines who qualifies for the title of CSR Pioneer of the Year 2019.
  • Online voting round 20 January - 19 February 2020
    This voting round runs through Trends/Tendances magazine, among others. Votes are good for 20% of total votes.
  • CSR Professional event night 20 February 2020
    All attendees will vote (20% of total votes). The winners will be announced at the CSR Professional of the Year event.
  • Announcement of the
    CSR Professional

What is Time4Society?

Time4Society provides a link between the profit sector on the one hand and the social profit and non-profit sector on the other hand. It’s Time4Society’s mission to facilitate corporate engagement. This is realized through socially valuable projects, CSR-advice, CSR-coaching, and by sharing innovation and expertise in the field of CSR.